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Fanart For Your Enjoyment!

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I'm all into symbolism and all with this one. It's a pic of Rutee when she's about two with her parents and baby Leon. They're all gathered together for a family photo however it's a look at the photo some years down the road. The frame has chips taken out of it and the glass is cracked to symbolize the tearing asunder of their family.

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When I'm stressed, I start drawing and writing really depressing stuff. So one night I ended up drawing my rendition of Hugo's death scene. Had to cut Garr, Philia and the non-obligitory characters due to space but I added Stahn to show his concern for the crying Rutee. Probably went a little overboard with the blood though.

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Here's a more lighthearted pic. You see, I've got this Muse Universe that's just a bunch of RPG worlds thrown together and transformed into Breath of Fire clans. Tales of Destiny happens to be a part of it. A few months ago, I realized that with the timeline of the universe I had, Kyle would have been born in the spring. So I had to decide how his artwork would look in this universe.
Rutee happens to be half human (her father's side) and half Woren (tigerpeople, her mother's side) while Stahn is a Dragon. So I decided that his draconic features would be tiger striped to represent his grandmother's people and he has a little fur patch on each cheek (because stripes on the cheeks are cool in my book). Also, the Dragon behind him is his basic form.

I did all these pics in a pique of boredom. And posted them because on a forum last week it got jokingly declared "Tales of..." Day today and I'm the crazyed fangirl who would really celebrate it.
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