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Tales of Destiny Manga

Did everyone know that there's a group translating the manga? They've only got one volume left of Destiny and have started the first chapter of Destiny II. I was reading it over the weekend and it's pretty good, though the canon isn't 100% the same (a few arcs are omitted, a few are shortened, a few are gone into more detail, some pieces seem like they might have been from the Drama CDs instead of the game but I can't be sure since my Japanese isn't good enough to translate what is being said, plus some things seem to be more of an interpretation due to a not so fleshed out plot point wheras the game gave me an entirely different impression). This may also be a good way to get to know ToD II better since all we've got as of now is a story summary that sometimes seems vague and an incompleted script for a fan translation.

I should warn that since it's manga enthusists rather than ToD fans doing the translation, the names are chaotic. Leon and Garr go by those names in Volume 1 but switch to Lion and Woodrow from Volume 2 onward, Mary uses both translations of her last name as well and Stahn is Stan for at least a little while (he looked like he changed back to Stahn later on but since it's so similar I wasn't looking). And there are even translations I've never seen before (Rutee as Rutii or Galechrist instead of Gilchirist as well as a few V/B confusions). Plus, in one point Atwight is called a "he" by Rutee. But it's all overlookable because the story is intact.

Has up to Chapter 24 of the ToD Manga. Downloading is easy if you just click the HTTP link next to each chapter, save the file and unzip it.

Has up tot Chapter 25 of the ToD Manga but it was harder to click the links for me (think it might be the way the settings on the page are and the way your cursor changes though). Just click Download and unzip the file you get.

Torrents of the ToD Manga up to 25 but there doesn't seem to be any download links. Listed just in case they either come back or once the new chapters are released another link goes up.

The same but for the first chapter of ToD II. Has the link to download as well.

Just thought some people might be interested in this.
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